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The Miran workshop runs an outlet shop in the center of Athens, at 45 Evripidou St., inaugurated in 1922. Our established clientele, as well as individuals swarm in from all over Attica region to taste the delicacies of pastourma, soutzouki and the bull meat products from Kerkini region, in Serres district. In our outlet one can also find products of small producers from all over Greece, as well as aged cheeses and salt meets of small greek workshops.

  • Soutzouki: Is made of veal meat. It is air-dried, medium hot, consumed raw or heated.
  • Pastourma: Is made of veal or camel meat. Pastourma of camel meat is scarce.
  • Sausages: Are made of veal meat, contains oregano and is mild in taste.
  • Armenian type soutzouki: Air-cured, made of veal meat. Very hot.


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Preparation of Miran's Pastourma and Soujouk

Learn About Taste Sessions

  • Miran ox oregano Sausages

    Miran oregano ox Sausage Tasting.

    Producer: Miran

    The tasting will take place at our retail shop located on the street 45 Euripides in Athens.

    Contact Tel.: 2103217187